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This is a great collection of responses by Professionals in our field which provides great insight on the needs of our profession. Great Piece!!!!

Originally posted on Relando Thompkins, MSW:

I recently published a note about how I wish I’d learned more about skills for entrepreneurship while pursuing my degrees in Social Work. I shared my post in some of the Social Work groups I belong to on LinkedIn, and wanted to share some of the things others wish they had learned with you.

Vikki Brewster, MSW“I wish I had been given the opportunity for more internship experience in various social work fields and different segments of the population. I believe social work students should spend each year of their education working with different segments of the population (youth one year, adults another). Too often the focus is on the student being supervised and gaining experience, but it may not be the right fit for the student or supervisor.

When it comes down to skills taught and learned I would imagine that this has changed over the years…

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