3 thoughts on “Why aren’t All Social Workers Supported and Created Equal?”

  1. This is an important issue to talk about. As an LCSW with macro-practice leanings, I get frustrated with anyone who wants to limit the title to only LCSWs. However, I do see a great value in statutes like the one we have in Indiana. In Indiana, as long as you have a BSW, MSW, LSW, or LCSW you can call yourself a social worker.

    I think this is a useful strategy. It casts a wide umbrella over the different varieties of social workers out there, while still protecting the name/identity from being applied to people who work in a social-work type position, i.e. CPS case managers, yet don’t actually have a social work education. Without some title protection, it is too easy for the value of the social work field to be diluted or changed.

  2. I think its good to protect the name from being used to identify people who work in social work type situations. I do social work type stuff but I do not call myself a social worker. When people learn of your position, they automatically put you under that umbrella. It can be awkward for others sometimes but I call myself a human services worker or a case worker because thats what I do. I’ve worked with traumatic brain injured adults, child welfare and now community health, but I do not have a social work degree.

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